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who we are

As a custom lighting manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing high quality, innovative lighting solutions driven by the design visions of our clients.  We continue to bring visions to reality through consistent collaboration, trust, respect and reliability.

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who we are

Our mission at Halper Lighting Solutions is to reveal the true nature of our clients' visions through thoughtful lighting design, fostering better projects and stronger communities.   


Our goal is to fulfill each client's inspirational needs  by committing to create unique, theatrical scenes, such that the resulting illuminations generate very human, emotional, passionate reactions.                                                                                                                       

Technology has broken free the possibilities of custom lighting, such that the use of new materials and sources is within reach of all market sectors.  The new paradigm has given rise to a democracy in design never before possible. HLS has expert craftsmen able to construct beautiful, one-of-a-kind lighting masterpieces.


A design team must demonstrate a profound respect for the fragility of a design's vision at its inception.  Rather than imposing an interpretation upon a project, the team at HLS strives to provide a palate from which the design can blossom.


While creativity and intelligent design are crucial building blocks for historical restoration, reproducing components and finishes to the exact detail is what gives lighting its authenticity. HLS, with its team of trusted and knowledgeable experts, has the ability to restore, retrofit, and rewire energy efficient fixtures.



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We pride ourselves on our passion in producing high quality products and in serving to the best of our ability our precious clients. 

Our gallery of artistic custom lighting projects showcases the result of the close collaboration among our clients' and HLS' design teams comprised of hard-working and creative geniuses.

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