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lighting design

Our firm develops lighting plans for both large commercial spaces and smaller intimate areas.  Utilizing our engineering, specification and design expertise, many architects and designers have incorporated our skills into their planning process,  allowing an appropriate mix of services to support each project's needs.

Amenity Room Ceiling Design
Laser Cutting Metal


The greatest value of engaging HLS is its unique capacity to support all custom lighting requests beginning with early design development through final production. As an intrinsic team member, HLS will create, along with the designer, high  quality light fixtures made from the finest, most appropriate materials to fulfill the vision.



     The team at HLS has the ability to recreate the historical materials that make up a fixture, whether metal, glass or other, while keeping a keen eye for historical accuracy.  Cleaning, polishing, repairing along with modification and energy efficient retro-fitttng  all can be accomplished with our restoration expertise.