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We've Made Some Changes...

Updated: Oct 25

Halper Lighting Solutions is fortunate and grateful to have customers and connections like you during these uncertain times. We hope you've been safe and well. As communication has rapidly evolved within the past few months, we've made some changes to stay in touch, and want to keep you updated!

We've begun a newsletter! Now you can be even more connected with Halper Lighting Solutions by following along with our most exciting projects and design inspirations - delivered directly to your inbox once a month. If you're receiving this email, you're on the list!

Additionally, we've migrated our living portfolio gallery to our brand new Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Feel free to check us out there, and share with your friends and family.


Lighting Project of the Month

The Beacon Chandelier 

The Beacon Cleveland Apartments, located on Euclid Avenue, is downtown Cleveland's first residential high-rise since 1974. Keeping comfort and luxury in mind, Halper Lighting Solutions collaborated with The Beacon to provide a custom lobby chandelier that upholds The Beacon's modern aesthetic that elegantly illuminates the ceiling recess via an array of suspended light-diffusing tubes.


What's Happening at the Shop?

Meet Jarvis the 3-D printer, our most recent addition of tools to our shop's arsenal! Inspired by Marvel Comic's Tony Stark's digital assistant, Halper Lighting is using Jarvis + 3-D printing to increase our prototyping design flexibility. Jarvis is already hard at work expanding our engineering and design applications to the lighting industry. Check out our Instagram and Facebook stories to see what we are printing!

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