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November Newsletter

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Happy November! The team at Halper Lighting Solutions wishes you good health and safety as winter and the cold weather approaches. We think that COVID-19 is a test of resilience, and an opportunity to better tune communication, efficiency, and design capabilities. Despite all that is happening around us, we, as creative people, continue to adapt. This is a time to be our best selves, demonstrating patience, understanding and compassion. On behalf of all of us at HLS, we are committed to partnering with you, persevering together in all the days and years ahead.


Lighting Project of the Month

Breakwater Bluffs Bollard

Say that three times fast! The Breakwater Bluffs' uniqueness and luxury called for an outdoor fixture to match the development's appeal and modernism. Each illuminated bollard is constructed from an artistically perforated and rolled sheet metal housing. The lamp sources enclosed inside, illuminate the bollards at night, giving animation and intrigue to a functional outdoor space.


What's Happening At the Shop?

Stained Glass Stunner

These panels will light up a rose window for the Holy Cross Immaculata Church in Cincinnati. Our in-house prototype, shown here, is only one-third of the size of the actual window. These panels will back-light and display the intricacies of the stained glass window for all of Cincinnati and Kentucky to see at night!


Glass, Light, and ...Water?

We've got an exciting collaboration with Cleveland Art's glass blowing artist Jason (left) who is making a blown and spun glass "dish." Tens of these dishes will live together overlapping on a color-changing backlit concave wall, similar to the photograph on the right. The cherry on top? A soon-to-be waterfall trickling down from the ceiling onto the illuminated glass below.


Visual Prototyping, at a Glance

Not all prototypes are made equal! The power of 3D modeling and rendering gives Halper Lighting Solutions and it's clients a chance to visualize, critique, amend, and admire a fixture before real-world production and prototyping begins. Imagine a 6-foot diameter chandelier like this one hanging above your dining room table!

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