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May Newsletter

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Schooooooool's out for summer! The sunshine is here, and with it, construction season! Now is the perfect time to get a start on the projects on your to-do list. Have you considered your lighting projects? HLS' commitment to design, manufacturing, and restoration of custom and historic fixtures will amplify your lighting projects to the next level. As we transition from our homes back out into the world, be on the lookout for how HLS can support your lighting design needs. Speaking of school, enjoy this month's featured lighting design project at Muskingum University!


Lighting Project of the Month

Muskingum University – New Concord, OH

Empty libraries at Muskingum are not the usual scene, but graduation is to thank for that. Now, these lights fill the space with both task lighting coming directly from the downlight component, and ambient light diffused across the space by the unique metal spinnings facing in opposing directions.


What's Happening at the Shop?

Prototypes, Painting, and Printing!

This custom wall sconce (left) is the first generation prototype. Prototyping is a helpful visual for the client and serves as a guiding tool for HLS production and assembly methods. The custom 3D printed pendants (middle) got their first coat of paint to match the client's color scheme. We kept the interior white to provide maximum reflectivity of the light source. The globe (right) needed a "faux fitter" to match the profile of the glass, made possible thanks to our 3D printer, Jarvis.


A Light Rinse Part II

The fixture shower had it's first successful test and passed its first fixture to be UL wet-location listed! Three shower heads sprayed these fixtures under specific and timed conditions as dictated within the UL parameters of a wet-location outdoor light fixture.

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