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January Newsletter (Best of the Year)

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Happy New Year from Halper Lighting Solutions! The year 2021 is a chance for all of us to begin anew, with a refreshed sense of optimism and hopefully some relief. Looking back on 2020 may be tough, but even after all we have been through, it's important to shine the light on some of the good moments we've shared! Take a look at some of our best projects of 2020. May 2021 be brighter than ever!


Western Reserve Group Lobby Chandelier

Western Reserve Group – Wooster, OH

This beautiful series of ring chandeliers stagger across the lobby of the newly constructed Western Reserve Group Headquarters located in Wooster, Ohio. Below each suspended wooden ring hangs a number of glowing crackled-glass pendants via exposed hardware and brackets. The multitude of pendants fill in the voids between and amongst the rings.


Holy Cross Immaculata Rose Window

Holy Cross Immaculata – Cincinnati, OH

The historic Holy Cross Immaculata Church in Cincinnati sits atop Mount Adams, while it's rose window overlooks the Cincinnati cityscape and across the Ohio River into Kentucky. For years, this gorgeous stained glass window was dark and lifeless, but now shines brightly over the city skyline, revealing its beautiful details and divine affinity.


Green Road Synagogue Ner Tamid

LED's to Last an Eternity – Cleveland, OH

An eternal flame, but make it modern! This gorgeous and complex Ner Tamid (Hebrew for Eternal Flame, or Eternal Light) is at last overlooking the congregation at the Green Road Synagogue on the East side of Cleveland. It may easily have been our most complex design challenge this year.


The Quarter Numbered Sconces

The Quarter Apartments – Ohio City, OH

These freshly constructed apartments boast luxurious living conditions, with appliances, decor, and most importantly, lighting to match! Each custom sconce was numbered for each apartment, in addition to being ADA compliant, complete with braille stamping and extruded surface cutouts. The up- and down-light elements serve to provide glow to the numbers and ambient illumination.


Burkhardt Residence Chandelier

Burkhardt Residence Chandelier – Cleveland, OH

Not all chandeliers are made equal! Working with industry standard material sizes can be challenging to work with for fixtures that must size beyond standard measurements. This large living room with high ceilings required an oversized custom fixture to match! It was a challenge designing and fabricating this fixture to the constraints of standard materials, but a success nonetheless!

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