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February Newsletter

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Are you noticing the days are starting to get longer again, or is that just us? It's about time we got our light back! But for a measly groundhog, more light means more shadows... and more winter... Enjoy this month's lighting design projects!


Lighting Project of the Month

Green Road Synagogue Ner Tamid – Cleveland, OH

The installation of this custom Ner Tamid at the Green Road Synagogue is complete! The light elements inlaid into the body of the fixture project onto perforated metal "sails," creating an airy glow about the fixture and resembling a shimmering flame. The artistry and care put forth by Laurel Herbold from 78th Street Studios and prototype-abilities from our 3D printer, Jarvis, deserve a shoutout for making this fixture come to life!


What's Happening at the Shop?

Restore and Repair

Restoration of historic fixtures includes a significant amount of the work we enjoy doing. These fixtures for Heidelberg College were long overdue for a good clean and refurbishment! Parts that were unsalvageable are closely replicated using Jarvis, our 3D printer.

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