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December Newsletter

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Happy Holidays!

We've had a wonderful year filled with many exciting projects, new design challenges, and plenty of moments that made us smile. This month's featured lighting project is one of them! Have a safe and happy holiday season, see you in 2022!

Lighting Project of the Month

Residential Custom Chandelier and Restoration

This custom chandelier in this residential living room gave the room ambience and adornment befitting of the thoughtfully designed space. The checkered area rug complements the square pattern of the chandelier as well as the lattice cast of light on the ceiling. The wall sconces and chandelier finishes match, marrying the modern manufacturing of the chandelier with the delicacy of the antique sconces to create a beautiful family of light fixtures.


What's Happening at the Shop?

Historical Replication

Although one of HLS' strength is restoration of existing fixtures, some fixtures only remain alive in historical photographs (left). These particular fixtures used to be gaslit, long before electricity made its debut. We've been asked to replicate this fixture based from old photographs, which is a difficult and experimentative process - though fun! The new fixtures will be made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, in addition to electrical function versus gas, but will pay homage to their ancestor counterparts. The bottom left image is a first-version CAD rendering to help aid our design and assembly process. The bottom right image is a first-gen prototype, which we can use at the installation site to confirm our dimensions and design forms.

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