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August Newsletter

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Consumer spending is back on the rise, but did you know that Halper Lighting Solutions makes light fixtures for retail spaces? As more and more people continue to resume their old spending habits, consider HLS for your custom lighting design needs in your retail spaces. Check out what we have done for our clients in the past!

Lighting Projects of the Month

Markland Mall Lobby Fixture

The dangling pendants hang high above your head in Kokomo, Indiana's Markland Mall Lobby. This oversized, color-changing spectacle provides guests and shoppers with a statement "Welcome" and stands out in a retail space.

St. Clair Mall Prism and Curved Pendants

These larger-than-life pendants suspend over the St. Clair Mall main shopping areas just outside of Saint Louis, Missouri. Their large size and diffuse light help create an additional point of intrigue and add to the ambience of the environment.

Helzberg Diamonds

A diamond will always shine and shimmer, but only the right lighting will truly make them pop! A combination of bright direct and indirect lighting in this type of retail space can really show off products to a potential customer. Wedding season isn't over just yet!


What's Happening at the Shop?

Relive and Restore

Chandelier restoration is a very gratifying process for us and our clients. The left image is a completed set of diffusers and canisters that fit an existing series of downlights on an old chandelier. The middle photo is a test of the retrofit kit, converting the original Edison base to new, energy-efficient LED modules. The right is a sneak peak of the finished product.

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