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April Newsletter

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

April is here, and so is the sun! HLS is excited for the warm weather, and for the lighting projects coming to fruition this spring season.

The last year has presented many challenges for us all. However, the future seems increasingly brighter each day. With warmer months ahead and increased availability of vaccinations, HLS is prepared to offer its services back to in-person meetings and appointments. We've longed for the joy of meeting in person, and are now in a position to begin that process again.

We look forward to collaborating on your next lighting project in a safe, yet personal environment.

Enjoy this month's featured lighting design projects!

Medical Mutual Floor Numbers – Cleveland, OH

Just in case you are ever feeling lost, HLS is here to light the way! These oversized, custom, and backlit floor numbers are on each level of the Medical Mutual Building just outside the elevator entrances. Each number veils an LED ribbon, which lights the interior edges of the number, producing the glowing and hovering effect of the number off the back wall surface.


What's Happening at the Shop?

Prototyping and Testing

Our 3D printer Jarvis has been hard at work printing off these custom designed lampshades to be part of a final light fixture in the office spaces of a local architectural firm. Each fixture is color changing and has two acrylic rings to diffuse and reflect the light within the space.


A Light Rinse

Everyone knows that no bathroom is complete without a fully functioning shower! This one is a bit different, however, this shower mechanism is designed to test light fixtures to affirm their wet-location ratings. Soon we will be able to perform more efficient in-houses tests of the waterproof-ability of our fixtures listed for exterior applications and UL list them as such. Three shower heads will spray our light fixtures under specific and timed conditions as dictated within the UL parameters of a wet-location outdoor light fixture.

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