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about us

Since its inception in 1987, Halper Lighting Solutions has been providing the architect and design community with unique solutions to lighting challenges so that their visions become reality. Fixture Manufacturing begins first with the creation of the design. Large, custom fixtures are then produced through HLS' Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved manufacturing facility in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Through its in-house partnership with Beacon Metal Fabricators and their CNC laser production, welding and forming, HLS is able to incorporate cutting-edge metalwork with the latest in lighting technology.


In addition to fixture manufacturing, the HLS engineering and industrial design teams collaborate with clients to provide overall Lighting Design of large spaces with luminaires for both hardwired and portable applications. 

And finally, with the expertise in rewiring and retrofiting energy-efficient light fixtures and reproducing components and finishes as exact replicas, HLS 's team of experts is one of  very few who have learned to perfect the art of Historical Fixture Restoration.  

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